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Creating school cultures of continuous improvement | You Don’t Have to Be Bad to Get Better

You Don’t Have to Be Bad to Get Better
A Leader’s Guide to Improving Teacher Quality
Candi B. McKay

Foreword by Charlotte Danielson  


Take your school to the next level!

What are the attributes of strong instructional leaders? How are they able to effect changes in teaching practice that has remained virtually the same for decades? This practical guide is about school leadership, but with a laser-like focus on what it takes to develop, support, and sustain quality teaching in any school environment.

Grounded in research and over a decade of experience working in schools throughout the country, You Don’t Have to Be Bad to Get Better offers school leaders at every level the guidance, specific tools, and resources they need to increase teacher—and student—success. School leaders will develop:

  • Strategies for transitioning from a culture of fear and criticism to a culture of learning
  • The tools needed to hire, grow, and improve the quality of teachers under their leadership
  • A blueprint for engaging teachers in their own professional growth
  • A deep understanding of the role of district office personnel in improving both teaching and learning

Research shows that the most important factor in student learning is the quality of the teacher in the classroom. Bring out the best in your teachers through strong instructional leadership and watch student learning soar!  



“I’m already thinking of how to incorporate what I’ve learned from the book into my practice and staff professional development!”
– Frank Chiki, Principal, Chamiza Elementary School, Albuquerque, NM


“McKay presents a compelling argument for developing teacher evaluation systems that focus on professional growth rather than perpetuating a system of compliance.”
– Bernadette Cleland, Co-Founder Teaching & Learning Solutions


“This book takes the best of research-based theory and crafts it into practical application for the school leader. A necessary read for any school leader seeking to improve the quality of teacher instruction.”
– Patricia Conner, Curriculum Specialist Berryville Public Schools, AR


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