Student engagement is strongly influenced by what teachers do in their classrooms.  How do teachers know if their students are compliant, dutiful learners or truly actively engaged in their learning? 

A powerful tool to use for personal reflection as well as with a professional learning community or building staff is ASCD’s Compliant or Engaged Learner Chart.  Learner characteristics can be used in many ways to promote collegial discussion to clarify and identify engaged learning in the classroom.  Check this invaluable resource out!

McKay Consulting Group’s Strengthening Student Engagement session provides teachers with an interactive learning experience, immersing participants in the “WHY”, “HOW” and “WHAT” of student engagement.

  • WHY is student engagement critical to student learning?
  • HOW can teachers plan to ensure all learners are highly engaged learners?
  • WHAT protocols yield rigorous, student owned engagement?

As teachers, we are constantly looking for strategies, activities and protocols that will engage our students and support student ownership of learning.  The realities and pace of day to day teaching can challenge our ability to provide this learning environment on a consistent basis.  Let the McKay Consulting Group support your instruction as you engage all learners in your classroom!

When students are engaged, they’re motivated to learn!

How do you secure real engagement in your classroom?

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Carolyn Tinsley

McKay Consulting Group