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Empower and Engage Learners

Educators at all levels will learn what it takes for students to move beyond compliance and become active participants in their own learning. 


Strengthening Student Engagement: Protocols and Strategies for the Classroom
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Who is doing the mental work in your classroom? How do you know? Are students demonstrating a new skill, sharing a discovery, solving a problem or asking questions? This one day session helps educators at all levels understand what it takes for students to move beyond compliance and become active participants in their own learning. Using authentic video clips of classroom practice, teachers become more strategic and intentional when planning for engagement, creating classrooms where students love to learn and teachers love to teach.

Learning the difference between compliance and student engagement was an eye opener! The video examples made the learning come alive. Thank you for the time to explore the protocols and prepare to implement these strategies in my classroom.  I was “engaged” the whole day!

Teacher Leader, Franklin County Schools


Empowering Every Student: Learning Targets and Assessment for Learning

Engaging students in learning has always been the challenge for every classroom teacher. When students take responsibility for their own learning, they become the central player in their own success. Learning targets and assessment for learning strategies give students this power; it answers the three fundamental questions of learning: Where am I going? Where am I now? How do I close the gap? Learning targets provide learners with concrete statements about what they are learning, written in student friendly language. Unlike objectives written for teachers, learning targets are goals written for, and owned by students. Participants will be able to construct high quality learning targets for daily lessons, implement strategies to check for understanding and engage students in ongoing self-assessment.

I’d recommend this series to every teacher in the district!  Students have become more engaged in unpacking the learning targets and work more intentionally to achieve them.  As a result, they have become vested in their learning and own their success.  

Teacher, Rochester City School District