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The Framework for Teaching

Learn how to use the Framework beyond teacher evaluation.  Empower teachers to use this tool for collaboration and professional learning.  


Developing Expertise in the Framework for Teaching

This session provides an overview of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching, a research-based definition of effective teaching, adopted by several states, and hundreds of school districts across the country. The Framework may be used for many purposes, but its full value is realized as the foundation for professional learning and growth. Working in collaborative teams, participants will explore and deepen their understanding of the components, elements and rubrics, and identify examples of evidence found both in the classroom and beyond, capturing the tools, strategies and resources created as part of their practice.  


Framework Training to Lead Series: Activities to Build Capacity in Your School

Districts using the Framework for Teaching rubrics for teacher evaluation and professional growth need to provide training for teachers and school leaders that develop their understanding of the domains, components, elements and performance levels. This training series will prepare teachers and school leaders to deliver this training to colleagues in their own district. Participants will receive activities, materials and leader notes that will enable them to lead the training throughout the year. Training sessions will include tips for presenters on the best strategies to engage adult learners and time for district teams to plan for the training in their buildings.


Mandatory new teacher evaluations in Florida caused great anxiety among school districts and teachers unions. Candi McKay’s idea of using teacher leaders for training at school sites and bringing together administrators and teacher leaders to learn and practice activities for teacher growth together was brilliant! It was, for many, the first time teachers and administrators shared responsibility for implementing a teacher growth process in schools. Her work really helped us gain confidence and competency in our new definition of teaching.

Director of Staff Development, Escambia County School District


Framework Virtual Learning Series

This series offers educators the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Framework for Teaching in a collaborative, virtual environment. Through the Learner-Learner Model, participants engage in activities and co-construct new learning by sharing experiences, knowledge and skills. Using an online platform as the structure for this learning allows 24-hour access to provide learners the time and space to delve deeper into new concepts and integrate practice opportunities with learning experiences. This structure is an excellent method for building capacity of knowledge and skills across a district, enhancing teacher effectiveness, and supporting 21st Century learning skills while saving precious time and money. As a result, teachers will be encouraged and motivated to transfer their new learning to the classroom.