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Strengthening Instructional Leadership
Blended Learning for School Leaders

This fifteen hour course targets leaders and teacher evaluators at every level who are committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning in their schools. It provides the understandings and skills needed to train and recertify teacher evaluators. The course begins with six hours of facilitated, onsite learning followed by nine hours of virtual learning that occurs at a time and place of the learner’s choosing. This format allows leaders to connect via group chats, wikis, blogs, forums and e-collaborate sessions. Content includes creating cultures of learning, instructional practice that empowers and engages students, collecting and calibrating evidence of teaching and learning, and leading evidence based conversations that promote growth. Participants will demonstrate the impact of their learning by sharing authentic examples and lessons learned with colleagues throughout the course.

Throughout the duration of the course, participants can ask technical questions and get support in the Blended Learning platform. Monitoring tools such as usage reports, performance dashboard and a summary of user activity help keep learners on track throughout the duration of the course. Participants will also have the opportunity to go through a multi-media orientation course for each Blended Learning experience they have. It is our goal that Blended Learning participants will be fully supported with using the virtual platform.


Learning Targets

  • I can implement strategies to help educators adopt a “get better” mindset about professional learning.
  • I can apply my understanding of learning targets, student engagement and assessment to lead improvements in teaching and learning.
  • I can collect objective evidence of teaching and learning that is free of bias or judgment.
  • I can use evidence of teaching and learning to lead conversations with teachers following a classroom visit.
  • I can demonstrate how my leadership impacts teaching and learning.


Course Outline

Adopt a “Get Better” Mindset, Creating a Culture of Learning

  • Shaping School Culture
  • Leading with Moral Courage

Build Essential Skills and Understandings about Teaching and Learning

  • Plan for Student Engagement in Learning
  • Classroom Environment and Management
  • Elements of Student Engagement

Collect and Calibrate Classroom Evidence of Teaching and Learning

  • Simulation via training video
  • Authentic practice via classroom calibration walks
  • Collaborative sharing of evidence, aligned to teaching standards

Lead Evidence-based Conversations that Promote Growth

  • Learn the Three Step Strategy
  • Simulate conversations via training video and case studies
  • Authentic conversation practice via calibration walks

Assess Impact of Leadership on Teaching and Learning

  • Reflect and measure impact of leadership on teaching and learning
  • Share examples and lessons learned with colleagues


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