The goal of professional development is to either build capacity or change existing practice.  Deciding what, when, and why matter.  These are decisions McKay Consulting Group can help guide so that you maximize time, resources and impact!

What do we know about effective professional development?  We know that professional development should be driven by results data:  where are our gaps?  We know that we need to involve participants in a cycle of learning, application and reflection, so sequencing matters.  We also know that to be truly effective, professional development should be followed by feedback that is specific, timely and relevant.

When professional learning occurs in the summer, teachers and administrators have time to absorb new ideas, energy to deeply discuss them with colleagues, and motivation to integrate new learning into thoughtful planning.  Starting a session in the summer and then embedding additional time throughout the year allows for the cycle of professional learning that will change practice and increase learning!

Our Empowering Every Learner series and Engaging Students in Learning session give teachers a head start in writing learning targets, planning aligned assessments and selecting powerful protocols to engage all learners in the classroom. Our Leadership Series provides opportunities for leaders to engage in authentic practice of the skills and understandings essential for improving the quality of teaching.  These sessions have changed practice in countless districts across the country.

Let’s maximize your investment.  Start learning this summer with McKay Consulting Group.

–  Jan Lutterbein
   Mar 21, 2016