Teacher evaluations provide rich data that can be used to drive professional learning and empower teachers provided that the data is valid and reliable. How can a system improve the reliability of their teacher evaluation data and make the shift from gotcha to growth?

Transparency is a good place to start. This means that all stakeholders (leaders and teachers) have a common understanding of the criteria and standards on which the evaluations are based. In addition, all evaluators must be trained in collecting and aligning evidence to the standards, and have multiple opportunities to practice this skill. Most importantly, evaluators must come together periodically to collect, analyze and calibrate authentic data, a process we call Calibration Walks.

Calibration Walks give evaluators the chance to collect and analyze authentic data in small peer groups, improving inter-rater reliability. A key goal of this process is using reliable data to engage teachers in analyzing and reflecting on their practice, in the same way students reflect on their learning. Empower and motivate your teachers by providing them with reliable data!

To learn more, inquire about our new program, Calibration Walks: Improve Inter-rater Reliability