Schools today are populated with teacher talent. Professional conversations among teachers provide a means to tap this valuable resource, yielding limitless opportunities for learning and growth. We know from our own experiences that conversations between educators can take many paths and detours along the road.

Think of a conversation you’ve had with a colleague that went well; it may have turned up some new ideas, developed an alternative way to approach a problem or identified additional resources to support teaching and learning. These are the conversations we strive for, those that impact teaching by adding to a teacher’s toolkit and simultaneously building trust and confidence in the process itself. Peer Learning Walks break existing barriers among teachers in schools, opening doors to new ideas and perspectives about best practice.

To improve the quality of teaching, adults in schools need ways to work and learn together that build on and challenge their current practice with a focus on student learning. Providing teachers with a structured protocol and the opportunity to learn from each other through brief classroom visits (Peer Learning Walks), is one of the most effective (and least expensive) ways to tap into our most valuable resource – the teachers.

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