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McKay Consulting Group…

We provide customized consultation, facilitation and training related to instructional leadership and teacher quality to school districts and state service agencies around the country.

We customize professional development, training and consultation services to meet the needs of each client. Rather than offering “off the shelf”, or “one size fits all” training programs, we design, develop and deliver services uniquely suited to the needs of your district.

We design a plan that engages educators at every level in learning and authentic practice of the skills and understandings required for sustainable improvements in teaching and learning.

You engage in meaningful but manageable learning.

McKay Consulting Group…

“When you get, give.  When you learn, teach.”  
– Maya Angelou

“The man who is afraid to risk failure seldom has to face success.”
– John Wooden

“Plan for student learning by planning for student thinking.”
–  Candi McKay

“People rise to high expectations when those they respect have confidence that they will.”
– John Goodlad


Revolutionize Professional Learning in your District

Blended Professional Learning
Re-imagine the Learning Environment

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Our Services Include…


Evaluator Training

We provide opportunities for leaders to engage in authentic practice of the skills and understandings essential to improving the quality of teaching and learning.  Learn more

Peer Learning Walks

We break traditional barriers by connecting colleagues through professional conversations that cross levels and content areas, opening doors to new ways of thinking about teaching and learning.  Learn more

Empower and Engage Learners

Educators at all levels will learn what it takes for students to move beyond compliance and become active participants in their own learning.  Learn more

Framework for Teaching

Learn how to use the Framework beyond teacher evaluation. Empower teachers to use this tool for collaboration and professional learning.  Learn more